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!, Alexandra
USAHey my names alex :) I started writing awhile back when i started going through a lot of struggles in my life. I found writing poetry to be a way to vent and be artistic with words. Through all the strife i learned that with God's help i can do anything and everything, and with a pen & paper i can survive the toughest days and nights. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments and kind words. I'm young and im learning and i know there's always room for improvment so feel free to comment directly to my poems. Living as a teenager in this generation brings lots of tough stuff that writing can help overcome. I'm so thankful i found this website that i can enjoy writing in a virtual world full of artisits.... Do what you love, and love what you do. This is a quote i live by daily. So do what YOU love and don't let anyone tell you it's not right or okay. and live to LOVE what you do. Seize the day everyday and God Bless. <3 alex6010211
*, Sasha
New Zealand 102745
*, Ovidiu Ciprian Chereches
RomaniaRiding on my own...I SPEED16018388
* , mazid s kazi, India
India 58080588
*., Milou
ArgentinaPoetry for kids - funny poems for children. I like poetry and art - poems about school, teachers, birthdays, valentine poems, animals, universe and life. Discussion about poetry books. Please join me. I am Milou, a Swedish-German student (almost 10 years old?). I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I speak English and Spanish too. My hobbies are: reading and writing on my blog: []. Things I like: Internet, swimming, fishing, animals, nature, minerals, taking pictures, arts & crafts, sports and music! I like Joss Stone and K.T. Tunstall. 6024978
-, -krysantea
Other CountriesI have always loved poetry but have never had the courage to write. So, this is my first step in venturing into this wonderful world.13023284
<3, Erin
USA 11012181
~*~NoVemBer RAIN~*~, Harris
PakistanFeel free to criticize my poem but if you like it, do let me know. ~*~Cheers~*~16019108
~A Rambling Poet~, Constance
CanadaI write of the journey in life, I paint a picture with words. I am a storyteller...101526
Aarron, Mason
USA 1302743
abid, Ayesha
PakistanStarting by the Gracious name of ALLAH.I am a simple person trying to share my thoughts in a lyrical way.though,i am a student of medical but i love to come across the beautiful world of nature. 21310818
Abiola Taiwo, Adesina
Nigeria 1806556
Abulu, Andrew
NigeriaSurname: Abulu Other Names: Andrew Iyere Date Of Birth: 21st September 1959 Nationality: Nigerian I am a Civil Engineer, Inventor, writer of science futures and 3D Animated filmmaker. I am the author of the, "IMAGINE.THAT" series. These are “looking deeper than the surface”, futuristic articles based on scientific hypothesis and projections which have stimulated great thinking and debate among its readers. I now run a 3D animated film-making school, CGI AFRICA ANIMATION STUDIOS in Lagos. The studio trains new 3D Animators. The website is My fave movies are THE LORD OF THE RINGS,THE BUCKET LIST, AMADEUS AND SARAFINA. My fave musicians are YANNI, ENYA, FELA, RICHARD CLAYDERMAN My fave persons are MANDELA, J.R.R. TOLKIEN AND JESUS. My Motto is, "There is always hope" Tag Line, "It's not about you" 7724074
Adams, Razeen
South AfricaI'm 25 years old, I live in Johannesburg South Africa. I hope you enjoy my poetry. Please leave your comments. They will be greatly appreciated :) 51433920
Addino, Victoria
USAVictoria Addino,is many wonderful things, a successful Entrepreneur and Author as well as an individual who loves music, art, and theater. She was born and raised in Yonkers, New York and now resides in upstate New York with her two loving daughters Sadie and Raquel. She attended Mercy College in Westchester County and has always had a strong passion for writing. Through her poetry she has been able to convey her beliefs in showing how a negative situation could always been turned into a positive one.43025985
Adebiyi, Segun
NigeriaI am Adebiyi Adesegun,I live in Lagos,Nigeria.I am a poet and a lover of art. I want people to read my poems, also please feel free to tell me what you think of my poems or send a mail to you.38028102
Adetayo, Adeoye
Nigeria 10798
Adeyemi, Shalom
NigeriaPoet|Writer|Singer|Editor||God Chaser701716
Adley, Kyra
Australiai just enjoy writing in all its forms, and reading others of course, feeling their history speak in a rhyme, the educated prose, the beauty of innocent poem. yes, the arts. all of cultures sweet wonder.48023029
Agbehi, John
NigeriaI am that young my from the other side of the world who wants his voice and the cries of my people heard33117742
Agboola, Temitope
Nigeria 1209688
Ahmad, Owais
India 137299766
Ajayi, Daniel
NigeriaDaniel Ajayi is a devoted writer from Lagos, Nigeria who had live in smaller owns. He writes from his reading of human behavior, definitely writing anything but not everything.10221
Akioud, Wafae
Morocco 208713
Alexander, David
USAI have been writing poetry since a young age but have only recently sought to publish any of my poetry. I am a 58 y/o Psychologist. I love metrical verse, and poems that rhyme. However, I am equally able to write poems with rich visual imagery.22013227
Ali, Safiyya
Trinidad 19421585
Allen, Kaitlyn
USAHi my name is Kaitlyn, and i am 17 years old. I enjoy basketball,singing,dancing, and most importantly creating poems. When i go through rough times or even good times,I like sitting in a room all by myself and expressing my feelings on paper. It really makes me feel alot better. That's how I became a poet. Me personally,I just take it day by day and pray for the best. I am very outgoing and love to make other people laugh, that's what makes me who I am today,"Katie". I am very easy to get along with and have alot of encouraging influences in my life. I love to be around positive energy and I love to entertain others. Alot of people consider me sweet because I'm always looking out for everybody except myself. So when I did receive the letter stating I was entered into the finals,I really felt like I made a big accomplishment in life, so it really made me realize that i really am good at something. So thank you everybody who always had faith in me, and always wanted to see me succeed in104734
Almendarez, Lisalyn
Belize 10206
Anani, Benjamin
GhanaBenjamin,with good fortune and the son of peace.The last tribe and the fifth brother to the four elements.I am a simple guy who just loves words.I like playing with words and think of language as a figure of speech.8212713
Anderson, Kathy
USALong time poet on a journey of online venues and forums. Former moderator at 2 poetry forums on I've got a DeviantArt account under the name of Digitopian. I also go by my nick here on that site. 701654