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VoicesNet Anthology

International Poetry Competition

Winners and Special Recognition Poems

Contest 7 - Submissions from Sept 1, 2003 to November 30, 2003


We would like to announce the Special Recognition Awards and the Top 3 Poems for the 7th VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition.

Congratulations to all of the worldwide poets who contributed to our seventh"VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition".

The top 3 poets will receive $100, $50, and $25 and will also receive free complimentary books. All of these poems will be denoted in the published books with special designations. Additionally the top 3 poems will be displayed on our website and published to over 15,000 current VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal subscribers.

The Poems and Poets listed here were selected from 7665 total poems submitted.

There will be 991 Selected poems published in the 7th VoicesNet Anthology series.

WinnerTerry Fitterer51USA"...Than You Knew"
2nd PlaceMarianne Davies47CanadaDawson City
3rd PlaceVictoria Chia Sing19USAMy Teacher- the Sculptor of human soul
Special RecognitionPhenomenorm ............30AustraliaThe Green Eyed Monster.
Special RecognitionAysha Abiade14USAAll is Well
Special RecognitionSyed rafay Ahmed21PakistanAn Allusion to Sunsets
Special RecognitionEstrella Akpa21NigeriaThe Desperate Man's Prayer
Special RecognitionLeonardo Alvarez16USAThe Hiss of the Ancient Trees
Special RecognitionSeth Anawalt40USAThe Sacred Flower
Special RecognitionKathy Balilo15USASubway
Special RecognitionKayleigh Banks16USA"Troubled Rainbow"
Special RecognitionHeather Barrett14USAA Heavenly Darkness
Special RecognitionKerry Belgrave25BarbadosThe Loneliest
Special RecognitionCaroline Berg16USASand beneath my Toes
Special RecognitionDr. linda Bielowski52USAInner Child
Special RecognitionVictoria Borchers17USAA Descending Love...
Special RecognitionLaura Bottomley18UKNovember Sunday
Special RecognitionLeah Bowman20USAThe Dress
Special RecognitionAshley Brooks18USAThe flame
Special RecognitionBridgett Brunea10USADreams
Special RecognitionLaura Bryce17USASigns in Sights of Blue
Special RecognitionKatie Buchanan17USAIn Loving Memory of the Good Ole Days
Special RecognitionMarina Burks17USAFading
Special RecognitionEmily Burns20USAOf the Sea
Special RecognitionVicky Callow19AustraliaFaceless Words
Special RecognitionTracy Cartwright38USAUnfettered
Special RecognitionMary "Katie" Cash14USANo Longer Broken
Special RecognitionTholana Chakravarthy41IndiaQuest For A Comeback
Special RecognitionPatricia Chamberlain15USASalvation
Special RecognitionHeather Coakley17USABeyond the Horizon
Special RecognitionLeia Colosi14USASunrise from Pluto
Special RecognitionCraig Combs34USADying Embers
Special RecognitionJeff Cooper10USAUnderstanding
Special RecognitionMichael Cornell33USAA Solemn Spire
Special RecognitionJosh Crane14USAThe Whisper
Special RecognitionRaymond Currey35USAWords
Special RecognitionChristina Dahmen15USALittle Girl
Special RecognitionSteve Davidson39USATeenage Storm
Special RecognitionAstoria Delaney8New ZealandThe Shed.
Special RecognitionNancy DelMastro37CanadaReturn
Special RecognitionConnie DiAllesandro44USAPeaceful and Divine
Special RecognitionJoCe Dilley48USAThe Immensity Of You
Special RecognitionNiki Doherty28AustraliaJust a Casualty of Society
Special RecognitionDenise Drake36USAWritten Word
Special RecognitionSandra Ellenbrand48USAHe's More Than A Mother To Me
Special RecognitionZenith Elliott45USAGolden Butterflies
Special RecognitionDanielle Falter16USARed Drop
Special RecognitionAnita Fanselow20AustraliaPresent State
Special RecognitionAmanda Ferguson13USAWinter Dispair
Special RecognitionMarina Fernandes28IndiaA Revelation
Special RecognitionFrances Ann Gadapee21USASong From a Line of Simon and Garfunkle's "Bleecker Street"
Special RecognitionLorena Gomez17USANature's Demise
Special RecognitionJordyn Gracey13USAThe Angel
Special RecognitionJustin Graham38USASerenity
Special RecognitionAnnie Green24USAGhost
Special RecognitionSimon Green17UKEarly Mourning
Special RecognitionShannon Gross26USAPassion Flower
Special RecognitionGloria Halland47South AfricaMoments in time
Special RecognitionSara Hamed14CanadaNever Seen Him Cry
Special RecognitionAnahita Hamidi17USACircle Without a Center
Special RecognitionMelissa Hanson Castro33USABroken Man
Special RecognitionKathryn Harlow14USAFunny Faces
Special RecognitionHermine Harrison13USAReflections
Special RecognitionJoshua Hawkins22USADead Wood
Special RecognitionHannah Hein12USASuffering Soul
Special RecognitionJames Hilan9AustraliaA Fantasy Poem
Special RecognitionBrie Anne Hoblin24USAThe Donut Man
Special RecognitionLindsay Hogan12USAWater Dance
Special RecognitionLaura Hogikyan10USAOde to Joy
Special RecognitionTiffany Hoke22USAMiddle School Dance
Special RecognitionNicole Hornstein12USAA Blooming Friendship
Special RecognitionPatrick Hurley27USAAbsolution
Special RecognitionMora Ipekon35SwedenLost
Special RecognitionTaraneh Javanbakht29CanadaThe Leaf That Never Falls
Special RecognitionAndrea Joseph18USASand and Water
Special RecognitionLila Joseph56USAThe Gifts of Nature
Special RecognitionPancholi nandlal Kanjibhai50IndiaSchizophrenia
Special RecognitionMegan Kellett16USAEnemy Glasses
Special RecognitionSimon Kempes19NetherlandsTo Walk Here
Special RecognitionMaria Kennedy13USAOutside my Window
Special RecognitionKayla Kennett11USAThe Night
Special RecognitionCalliope Kilpela17USAAllow Me To Kneel
Special RecognitionJessica Knox18USAWere I to Move
Special RecognitionChristiana Lee15USAA Rhyming Poem
Special RecognitionCynthia Lee15USADream
Special RecognitionWinnie Lin12USAImagination
Special RecognitionRachael Marshall17UKSilent Soldier
Special RecognitionDeborah Mathews38USAYule
Special RecognitionGerry Mattia38CanadaAlone
Special RecognitionPeter May20UKBorne Are The Hopes
Special RecognitionDr. Dorothy McCoy40USAThe Game
Special RecognitionLucina Mendez II22USAEating Apples
Special RecognitionDavid Monteath56UKGentle on your mind!
Special RecognitionSatyaseelan Moodley20South AfricaWho You Are
Special RecognitionShannon Moore27USAHeroes
Special RecognitionEmma Mott25AustraliaUntitled
Special RecognitionSean Neumann13USAmy love
Special RecognitionKaitlin Nichols17USASeason's Sonnet
Special RecognitionDaniel Oliver22USAMoonstone's Spite
Special RecognitionSanela Osmanovic12AustraliaThis always happens
Special RecognitionJenna Paoloni14USANo Greater Bond
Special RecognitionMegan Park14USAUntouchable Wish
Special RecognitionElizabeth Pearson74USAThose Intimidating Rejections
Special RecognitionAmy Peck12USAThe Lady of the Golden Wood
Special RecognitionSunimal Perera55CanadaImmigrant Realities
Special RecognitionTim Pierz18USAA Fish that got Schooled
Special RecognitionPamela Plant57USASweet Springwater's Prayer
Special RecognitionAmanda Pluntze14USALove
Special RecognitionJose Ponce22USACelestial Agreement
Special RecognitionJeff Poole47USACity of Dreams
Special RecognitionBekki Price16CanadaDepression
Special RecognitionMelissa Randel16USATiniest Ways
Special RecognitionKathleen Riley31AustraliaThe Mirror
Special RecognitionJulianne Roseman11USAVisiting the Graveyard
Special RecognitionAlexandra Rosenblat16CanadaHolocaust
Special RecognitionJacki Rudko24CanadaJust Like Now
Special RecognitionAda Sabatelli27CanadaAwaiting
Special RecognitionChelsea Schinker14USAWhat I Am to You
Special RecognitionSteven Seager45USAThe Price of Freedom
Special RecognitionTushar Sen24IndiaThe Creation Of Woman
Special RecognitionAlexander Severin12USAVivid
Special RecognitionYu Shi26SingaporeRings in the sands
Special RecognitionTonya Shove15USAI Am Who I Am, Like It Or Not
Special RecognitionLea janice Sicat20PhilippinesHidden
Special RecognitionKeith Simmonds62TrinidadMystery of Clementina
Special RecognitionPriyanka Singh20IndiaA Few Private Tears
Special RecognitionScott Southall17USAThe Voice Of Love
Special RecognitionWesley Storer59USAA Gypsy Love Poem
Special RecognitionLori Strunk20USADistant
Special RecognitionJelani Thomas14USAMy Gift of Love to You
Special RecognitionCandace Thompson0N/ABeyond This End
Special RecognitionChristopher Tollman17USAO Breakfast! My Breakfast!
Special RecognitionMhathung Tsanglao28USAThe Web of Lies
Special RecognitionOlaosebikan Tunde35NigeriaDreaming of Home
Special RecognitionMary Vivian57USAFlags Blowing in the Wind
Special RecognitionVallarie Walker52USABring The Children Home
Special RecognitionTom Walter21UKGame of Life
Special RecognitionPatricia Welland53CanadaThese Hands
Special RecognitionSamantha Wells10USAOur National Symbol
Special RecognitionRobert Whisner IV20USAReality
Special RecognitionCara Wilson28USATouched
Special RecognitionCheryl Wright47AustraliaThe House That Talks
Special RecognitionMelinda Wright17USAAlcohol
Special RecognitionMax curtis Yates47USAAffected Effervescence
Special RecognitionJennifer Yu13USAA Single Tear
Special RecognitionMohammad Zaheer15Saudi ArabiaFleeing from Destiny




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