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VoicesNet Anthology

International Poetry Competition

Winners and Special Recognition Poems

Contest 6 - Submissions from June 1, 2003 to August 31, 2003


Congratulations to all of the worldwide poets who contributed to our sixth "VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition".

Enjoy the top 3 poems from the winning authors displayed on this page.

We also have listed the 93 Special Recognition Poems further down the page. These poems will be denoted in the published books with a special designation.

The Poets listed here and the other Poets who will be published in the Sixth Edition of the VoicesNet Anthology should be very proud because their poems were selected from 7486 total poems submitted.

1102 Selected poems will be published in the 6th VoicesNet Anthology series.

VoicesNet Anthology 6 Winner

Winner: Rohan C. Facey, Age 30, from Jamaica

Memories of Last Night

Last night...the night wind joined with my emotions
and sang far lovelier than earthly choirs.
Richer than the music of the sea waves and
composers of Music City.

My hand was taken,
I discovered the realms of love...
The charms of passion.
And the mystical feel of transport.

Last night...I wrote poetry with my tongue,
for the first time...
More exquisite than that of the trees,
the rivers and streams.

I sang with my soul for the first time...
Rhapsodies as excellent as new and vintage wine.
The minutes were perfected.
The hours solidify.

(c) - 2003


Voices Anthology 6 2nd Place

2nd Place: Sharon L. Slayton, Age 64, from Texas, USA


There is a spell when lovers meet,
Two people touch, a rising heat,
A gentle kiss, a soft caress,
A pleasure felt, a tenderness.

Desire grows, there's warmth inside,
Two lovers put the world aside,
They feel the need to be as one,
They feel that magic has begun.

As passion comes, the flames ignite,
The fire burns throughout the night,
A raging fire, an inner heat,
When people touch and lovers meet.

The fire cools, the embers glow,
Reluctant now to let it go,
Yet if in time, the embers die,
Two lovers part, two lovers sigh.

Their arms reach out, to hold it tight,
The bliss they shared one magic night.

(c) - 2003

Voices Anthology 6 3rd Place

3rd Place: Brittney L. Morton, Age 17, from New York, USA


Thinking of beautiful pictures...
The images life compiles
Into one constant slide show
Running through the projector
Of my ever changing mind
The careless words
The smiling eyes
That knowingly remain dormant in my memory
Until a chord is struck deep within...
Bringing them to the surface
To be pondered and warmly recalled
What permits such jovial remembrance?
Such intricate artwork
Etched in the framework
Of my sensitive being...?
Nothing will be lost...
But what of tomorrow's discovery?
Can introduction lead to replacement
Of pictures so vivid and true...?
A passionate nature should yield
A full diary written by each contoured line
Of the author's countenance...
(c) - 2003

special note: these are pre-proofed copies of the top 3 poems.


Special Recognition Poets and their Poems

(in Alphabetic Order)

Poem NamePoem TitleAgeCountry
Akanbi, Uthman Oladipo Echoes of Hope 34 Nigeria
Austin, Rhonda L. Watching from Afar.... 39 New Zealand
Banholzer, Nicole K. Dream Horse 12 USA
Belyanin, Dmitry V. The Sea 16 Kazakhstan
Bornfeld, Steve I. Summer of My Heart 46 USA
Brantes, Nicolas A. A Son Never Forgets 17 Argentina
Browning, Kathryn E. A Child's View 17 Canada
Burgos, Hazel Impossibilities 23 USA
Calingo, Melissa S. Soulmate 23 Philippines
Campbell, Alan There's an Aussie Everywhere 65 South Africa
Cash, Rhonda Ramsey Heaven's Reach 41 USA
Chin-Hing, Theresa A. Untouched 45 USA
Chunghoo, John Tiong Dog Tales 43 Malaysia
Costa Jr., Luis Galvao Silent Echoes 21 USA
Crawford, Joseph M. The Only Person Who Understands Me 23 n/a
Culshaw, Alison S. Comfort 37 UK
Cunningham, Flannery C. Flame Dance 11 USA
Daniels, Laura L. A Fishermans Dream 40 USA
de la Cruz, Celeste P. Doing Without 46 USA
DeMuth, Wesley A. Eternal Sleep 26 USA
Dwivedi, Mrinalini - Fury 15 India
Edmands, Dale A. The Stream 59 USA
Ewen, Annette M. Life of an Unborn Child 38 Canada
Ferricks, Linda M. Reflections 48 Australia
Firoze, Abdullah Mohammad My Mother 13 Saudi Arabia
Foster, Christina L. Barricaded- Succeed in Touching, Arrive At 17 Canada
Frisbie, Shannon M. New 19 USA
Gardner, Phoebe H. H. After White Settlers Came 9 Australia
Giffen, Kevan J. Seasons of Emotion 16 USA
Gnoza, Tiffany D. Summer On The FireSide 15 USA
Gorriz, Julie Princess in a Tower 19 USA
Granger, Nicholle C. Momentary Bliss 17 USA
Harris, Capricia R. Last Nights Encounter 33 USA
Hess, Jacob A. These Sad Eyes 17 USA
Heyworth, Eleanor R. A walk in the Woods 14 Canada
Hoffman, Barbara N. Little Eyes 17 USA
Honrath, James N. Morange 53 USA
Ilongo, Fritz N. Alcatraz Syndrome 40 Cameroon
Inderrieden, Olivia M. Theme of Irrationality 15 USA
Joehnk, Jessa S. Alaskan Marriage 17 USA
Johnson, Courtney M Tales of a Dreamer 15 USA
Justice, Allison C. Astral Awakening 29 USA
Kaneklides, Mary E. Blurry Vision 18 USA
MacDuff, Victoria Elizabeth Fallen 14 Canada
Mason, Elizabeth A. Anger 51 USA
Massengale, Harry E. A Single Rose 46 USA
Mckeag, Dani C. Kaleidoscope Of Emotions 15 USA
McLaughlin, Christine Marie Temptation 16 Canada
Mcnamara, Jason D. Sanctuary 17 Australia
Mishra, Reeti Upadhyay Being Myself 35 USA
Moore, Whitney M. Long 18 USA
Morgan, Horatio M. New Love 26 Canada
Morris, N. J. Whisper 35 USA
Nelson, Meg Specter Of Death 64 USA
Norwich, Elizabeth M. Revelations On My Existence 16 USA
Okereke, Charles O. War Worries 47 USA
Otter, Iron Pandora 54 USA
Pajova, Alma In your absence 18 USA
Parker, Alissa A. Weathering 31 USA
Patterson, Vicki L. Found You 19 USA
Pham, Jennifer L. Slumber of Petals 16 USA
Prather, Ali D. Don't Tell--after Osip Emilevich Maddelstam's Don't Tell 15 USA
Pretorius, Heloise Lady of the night. 22 South Africa
Provost, Dan G. Sleeping in the Park 41 USA
Purfield, Neil M. Rainbows 42 Canada
Ramlochan, Shivanee Naomi Early Winter Dance 16 Trinidad and Tobago
Reiter, James Leroy Thoughtless anger 51 USA
Richey, Joyce A. Road Home 64 USA
Robichaud, W. Robb R. The Veteran 56 Colorado
Roeges, Jessica L. Guitar 18 USA
Roundy, Sunshine The Mask 16 USA
Ruane, Mary M The Significance of Wax 39 USA
Salas, Susan S. Angels Whisper 41 USA
Sarkar, Somdutta The Tale of a Metropolitan 13 India
Sawyer, Shea T. Autumn Memories 21 USA
Schultz, Kendyll A Mysteriously Beautiful Night 15 USA
Shah, Syeda Madiha A Ray Of Hope 18 Muscat
Shanazar, Muhammad The World 42 Pakistan
Sherland, Marc R. Triple Secs of Cointreau 45 Scotland
Shovlin, Mary A. War In Israel 42 Scotland
Simpson, Christen N. Powerless Embers 18 USA
Singh, Radhika R Sanity 35 South Africa
Sprott, Melyssa G. History 24 USA
sridharan, harini Sunrise in the sea 18 India
Studer, Brittany N. A Book 14 USA
Tamang, Bhupesh Trees in Autumn 26 n/a
Tatum, William A. The Vanishing Cape Ghost 49 USA
Thompson, Angelia N. Waves 18 USA
Tian Tian, Ng Ebbing 21 Malaysia
Turner, Jeanine Men in 'Can't See Me" Greens 44 Australia
Vanderwolf, Jo K. A Farmer's Prayer 31 Canada
Virk, Amrit Kaur The cataclysmic union 23 India
Xu, Linna Deceptive Verbiage 15 Canada




copyright 2003 VoicesNet - The Voices Network